NIKE limited edition

【 About announcement of NIKE limited edition 】

For handling limited items at our shop, we will be announcing on Facebook.
It will not be updated on this website in the future.


【 Limited Editions Terms & Conditions 】

  • Only one sale per person per model which is Lottery product and storefront sale product of limited eddition will be accepted.
  • For the limited edition, purchased products will be return can not exchange If you find that it defective product.


【  CHANGING!! -Lottery method of nike limited editions-  】

Lottery method will be the entry of the Web site rather than ending mail ever before. 
How detailed lottery, please check the following URL.  
Lottery dates have been announced at Bunrindo-Website in the future will be notified only by our Facebook.
Information of the new products, NIKE limited editions and a lottery of products, please check our Facebook. 

Not the announcement of the details of the lottery. Please be careful.

The limited edition NIKE products lottery entry page  

***PC or Smartphone:

***Mobile Cell:


Facebook URL

【  Changes of the lottery method  】

  • Lottery entry in the Web site accept is required mobile carrier domain e-mail addresses. (@docomo, @ezweb, @softbank, etc.)※We are unable to accept entries from Internet-based e-mail addresses such as iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook.
  • Web accepted is not a first-come-first-served basis,but acceptance period is short. Special care taken to the deadline.
  • The winning e-mail is sent to the lottery date. Winner can purchase products in the same day who has received the winning e-mail.
  • Purchase period will be on the day of 22:00 pm from the date Winnter received the winning e-mail.
  • You may not re-enter the lottery for the same item number using the same name and e-mail address for any reason. Please carefully confirm there are no spelling mistakes in your name and e-mail address and submit a single lottery entry for each item number.
  • After winning announcement, if there is a cancellation of popular products, it will be carried out secondary lottery from among those who have been defeated of lottery of the limited edition.
  • We will re-announcement at facebook when the secondary lottery.

※Please check the website for other Terms & Conditions.