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Nike and Adidas and Puma, Our shop will not cover the latest shoes and wear and accessories of these three brands.

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With regard to the latest information and stock of products, please visit the Facebook in the main menu.
The latest stock information about NIKE limited edition will also be here.
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With regard to many NIKE limited edition of inquiry, it is sold by mail lottery.

● For change of sales method ●

Became to the sales methods change as follows in our store.

In all of the products that can be handled in our shop, we can not sell other than storefront sale.
Includes NIKE lottery products, do not do sale over the phone and dispatch of goods.

Thank you for your kindness.


【 Infomation of  NIKE limited edition 】

For handling limited items at our shop, we will be announcing on Facebook.
It will not be updated on this website in the future.


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